How To Hank a Computer With IP Address Easy Steps

Steps. How to Hank Any IP  Address:

1) Prepare the IP Address of the Victim,


2) Download and Install Advance Port Scanner .

3) Open Advanced Port Scanner and Type the IP Address in the right columm and Click Scan.

4) It will lists you all Opened Ports of the Victim Computer or Router.( e. g: Port 91)

5) After Retrieving the IP address and the Opened Ports of the Victim, Open Command Prompt (CMD)
and type : telnet [IP ADDRESS ] [port]

6) Now you be asked to Enter Login Information, Just Username and Password and hit Enter.
if no password wused just type the Username.

Done . Now you get access to all Victim' File and Documents by browsing with.... CMD
 (use, CD, Copy, Delete)

Enjoy !
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